ATK Interview: Gate Flowers

One of my favourite things to read has always been interviews, and as a music fan, music interviews have a special place in my heart. A good interview feels like you’re having a conversation with the band. You get the chance to step, however briefly, into their lives and get to know them just a little better. And we’re happy to allow you to meet Gate Flowers.

Gate Flowers are a Korean rock band – who along with Apollo 18, Galaxy Express and Goonam – are touring the UK from April 24th to May 4th as a part of Korea Rocks (click the link for more info). While I’ve never seen them live (I have been lucky enough to have seen Apollo 18 and Goonam in Toronto), I did get a chance to send them some questions and their guitarist, Seungshik Yeom was gracious enough to answer them.

But before I get to the interview, let’s give you some more background on them. They are a four member hard rock band whom I’ve heard other writers compare to Nirvana. I do hear shades of grunge rock (I have their album, Times, on repeat as I write this) in their music but also elements of Red Hot Chili Peppers (alternative) and perhaps even some Soundgarden (hard rock), with most of their songs being driven by the strong, soulful vocals of Keunhong Park. If I had to describe this award-winning (the Hello Rookie prize for being the most promising new band in 2010 and both the Rookie of the Year and Best Rock Song at the 2011 Korean Music Awards) band in one sentence it would be “a Korean alt-rock band with shades of 90′s grunge, Gate Flowers have an addictive sound that I think Western audiences will dig.” I know I like it!

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